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Praying together is a powerful way to strengthen our relationship with God. By seeking to be our authentic selves within His grace and mercy, we can deepen our faith and connection to the divine. Let us come together in prayer and grow closer to God as a community.

Seeking a Church Home?

Christian Life Center Worldwide

6337 GA-42

6337 GA-42, Rex, GA 30273

Scripture Reading
PSALM 95:2

Dear God, Thank you for every blessing I have in Jesus. There's nothing that enriches my life more.

Even when life gets bumpy and our hearts get banged up along the way. Because  we trust that, we can, be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time: thank God no matter what happens.

Teen Prayer Group
Image by Diana Simumpande

Scripture Reading
LUKE 4:28-29

Jesus, I am so grateful that you understand what it is like to feel pressure from the expectations of others. It can feel crushing at times. Lord, help me to love others well while at the same time remaining faithful to you. In Jesus name, amen. 

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