Girl with Tight Curls

Inappropriate seduction and an excessive desire for approval

Exchanging notes in the hallway was my favorite pastime activity in high school. It was always with my friend Tae. She was the shortest, cutest thing in the halls but she was a tomboy. One day I asked her if she had any male friends I could kick it with; so she introduces me to a guy named Cory. He was one of the nicest guys around, even better we lived down the street from each other. We talked for 3 months and then we finally got to meet each other I noticed he wasn't that attractive. Then it didn't matter to me because he was so kind, to hell with good looks. One night he invited me over to his home where his mother prepared dinner. Once dinner was over he walked me home and oddly enough gave me some money. I thought to myself this guy is such a cool friend.

The Summer approaches and we hang out more and more as the days pays us by it dawned on me that Cory never tried to touch me or provoke me sexually; while being a teenage boy he wasn't as horny as the rest. One day we were talking on the phone and he mentioned he was going to a party nearby I mention that I want to go with him, but I felt some hesitancy. He explained the party was at his cousin's house, and it'll only be older guys there no girls. I make it clear that i want to go; music, cards, a good time count me in. So, were at the party and I'm mingling and cling to a guy glued to the pool table. An hour or so later Cory mentions he's leaving and if I wanted to leave with him; I decided to stay behind and pleaded his cousin would take me home. Cory begged me to leave with him, but all I Could say was no I'm good, so he leaves me behind. A little later the cousin informs that "we" are ready, which made me worry a bit because who was "we? My first thought was just to walk home, I didn't live that far but I figured the cousin and i could talk in his car; and maybe even kiss. Once I approached the car and saw someone in the drivers seat, while the cousin sat in the backseat; I got the hint that the cousin had different plans. As we started to move it dawned on me that no one ever asked me where I lived or even where to take me. The second apparent red flag of the evening. We keep driving and we approach the corner of my house. I ask where they were headed because we passed my house, this where things get a bit twisted because the cousin lets it be know I wont be going home. I start to tense up because I suddenly feel something cold and sharp on the back of my neck with the sudden explanation of me not going home but coming with them. I'd never been more frightened, I begged them to let me leave. The car is abruptly stopped and I was threatened to stay quiet before or I'll be cut. We proceed to be en-route and the only thing I can think of doing is reminding them that I'm only 14 years old. The knife seemed to release its hold on the back of my neck and urged to get out. I made my way home and never told anyone. It cost me my friendship with Cory because he never spoke to me again.