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Most fathers want to be involved in their children’s lives, but fathers often face many barriers to becoming the parent they want to be, such as difficulty finding meaningful employment, incarceration, or juggling multiple parenting roles among residential and nonresidential children.


Clayton Residents to Receive Application Assistance Onsite for Emergency Rental Assistance

Clayton Residents to Receive Application Assistance Onsite  for Emergency Rental Assistance 

(Clayton County, GA)- Clayton County residents impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19), can apply in-person for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) funding for rent and utilities. Representatives from Melanated Pearl Corporation, Clayton County Community Service Authority, and Georgia Micro Enterprise Network (GMEN) will help residents complete applications and upload the required documents onsite Saturday, December 3, 2022, 10:00am– 1:00pm

  • Living Faith Tabernacle, 5880 Old Dixie Hwy, Forest Park, GA 30297 

  • Frank Bailey Senior Center 6213 Riverdale Road, Riverdale, GA 30296

Saturday, December 17, 2022, 10:00am - 1:00pm

  • 7911 North McDonough Street, Jonesboro, GA 30236

  • 153 Flint River Road, Riverdale, GA 30274

  • 3499 Rex Road, Rex, GA 30273

ERAP payments are made directly to landlords for eligible Clayton County residents. Applicants who are not eligible for the program receive notifications that explain why they are disqualified. 

For more information about the ERAP, call (770) 347-0212 or 855-252-9249. 

City Edge Projects, Inc.

Rental Assistance Funding Available For Forest Park Residents

  • Proof of residency in the City of Forest Park (i.e. valid driver's license or state-issued ID showing city residency, current utility bill and a copy of a signed lease agreement).

  • Proof of being negatively affected directly or indirectly by COVID-19.

  • Proof of income and/or unemployment filing (if applicable).

  • Proof of late rent or eviction notice from landlord or property management company (must state current full amount due with detailed breakdown of all charges dated within five days of submitting an application).

  • If you would like more information on to receive rental assistance, click on the application to review a list of requirements or stop by our office located at 4981 Phillips Dr Forest Park, GA 30297 to pick up an application at door 3. Enter the parking lot closest to the Phillips Dr. and drive around the back of the building to the other side where there is diagonal parking. There will be a drop box on the building for you to grab an application. If you have any further questions, you can contact our office. 

North Fulton Community Charities’ mission is to help ease hardship and foster financial stability in our community.

If you are a tenant, who wants to apply for the Henry County COVID-19 | Loss of Income Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Emergency rental assistance availability by county | applications attached | please click the county and apply.

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